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Re: Raw string literals in Emacs lisp.

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: Raw string literals in Emacs lisp.
Date: Sun, 03 Aug 2014 15:40:14 +0200
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"Stephen J. Turnbull" <address@hidden> writes:

> In the case of
>     (format "%s%c\n""r#"?\")-!-
> it's "r#\"\n".  But for
>     (format "%s%c\n""r#"?\"-!-)
> you could argue that it's ?\" (that's XEmacs's opinion)

Which is correct according the surrounding syntax.

> or "?\\".  I guess for XEmacs (which already has this syntax in the
> wild) the rule should be "longest match wins" (because otherwise
> there's no way to evaluate r#"?\" in an interactive buffer),

Longest single-sexp match would be r#"?\" since the correct
interpretation "r#"?\" are actually _two_ sexps.  So the "correct"
single sexp match in _this_ example would indeed be the shortest match
?\" here.  Obviously, depending on what transpires before, it is equally
easy to have the longer match be correct.

David Kastrup

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