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RE: History for query replace pairs

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: History for query replace pairs
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2014 14:19:48 -0700 (PDT)

> > If you want to reuse a previous old/new replacement pair,
> > just use `C-x ESC ESC'.  You have `M-p' or `M-r' to choose
> > which previous pair to reuse.  And you can edit such a choice.
> >
> > What's the problem?
> There are no previous replacement pairs in `C-x ESC ESC'
> when M-% is invoked from isearch.

Really?  That's what this all is about - `M-%' from Isearch?

I just searched this 3-month-long thread for `M-%' and found
_one_ occurrence of `M-%', and that occurrence had nothing to
do with being invoked during Isearch.

And I searched the entire thread separately for "isearch",
and found _no_ occurrences of that.  Sure, it's still
possible that I missed some indirect mention of the problem
of invoking `M-%' from Isearch.

But it's truly hard to imagine that the discussion has been
focused for 3 months on finding a solution to the
`M-%'-in-isearch-default-pairs problem.

Why would a discussion of this wander all over the map for
3 months, and never once mention `M-%' during Isearch, if
that is in fact the only real use case that is problematic?

Why wait until I ask about `C-x ESC ESC' to focus on the
problem?  (I mentioned `C-x ESC ESC' the first day of this
thread, BTW, but no one responded.)

This is much ado about nothing, AFAICT.  Misplaced zeal,

If you want to find a way to pick up previous `M-%' pairs
for `M-%' when it is invoked from Isearch, then just do that.
Find a reasonable solution for Isearch, if it is an
Isearch-specific problem (as it seems to be).

If `C-x ESC ESC' is otherwise adequate (with `M-p' & `M-r')
for retrieving query-replace pairs, then maybe just use
`command-history', filtered for query-replace commands, to
supplement `M-%' during Isearch.

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