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Re: Possibility of a ${srcdir}/info/dir target race?

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: Possibility of a ${srcdir}/info/dir target race?
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2014 23:36:08 -0700
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Glenn Morris wrote:
Surely the actual relevant change is only to add ${MKDIR_P}
${srcdir}/info, which could easily have been applied to emacs-24, only
it's mixed in with unrelated performance improvements?

I didn't bother, because I didn't think any part of the change should be applied to emacs-24. As you mentioned, an 'info' dir shouldn't go missing with any normal use of an Emacs distribution tarball. The Debian build process is quite specialized and surely the Debian folks can get it to work themselves, e.g., by doing a "mkdir info" after the "make bootstrap-clean" (or better yet, omit the bootstrap-clean).

Similar constructs have been used for years in eg lisp/Makefile.in
lisptagsfiles etc.

Ah, sorry, I was wrong about the wildcards. I didn't know that GNU make expanded wildcards in prerequisites. So that part of the change didn't fix any bugs (though the use of the 'wildcard' function is still helpful). I have fixed the corresponding ChangeLog entry accordingly, in trunk bzr 118182. That bzr also removes a couple of other calls to 'wildcard' that were present only because of the same misunderstanding of how wildcards work in prerequisites.

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