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Re: Unfreezing the display during auto-repeated scrolling. [ Was: Aborti

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Unfreezing the display during auto-repeated scrolling. [ Was: Aborting display. Is this possible? ]
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2014 16:42:38 -0400
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I'm not sure exactly what to think here.

I think it is very desirable to try and come up with ways to speed up
redisplay in cases such as auto-repeated scrolling.

It seems that Alan's patch has a fairly small impact on the C code (in
terms of its structure, not necessarily in terms of the end result),
which is good.

But even better would be something that has no impact at all on the
C code.  Of course, I'm biased: I hacked my own defer-lock.el before
Simon Marshall published his.

So, I'd be in favor of trying to solve this at the Elisp level,
i.e. inside jit-lock.  I think the result might even be better than
Alan's patch because it should let Emacs keep up with scrolling much
more easily (tho displaying un-font-locked content while scrolling).

What I suggest is to refine jit-lock-defer such that jit-lock is
deferred if there's input pending.

I understand there's an underlying problem here, which is that "input
pending" is something that's not tested reliably.  Maybe we will need to
try and fix this as well.


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