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Re: Bug#766395: emacs/gnus: Uses s_client to for SSL.

From: Perry E. Metzger
Subject: Re: Bug#766395: emacs/gnus: Uses s_client to for SSL.
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2014 23:06:14 -0400

On Wed, 29 Oct 2014 11:33:43 +0900 "Stephen J. Turnbull"
<address@hidden> wrote:
> Perry E. Metzger writes:
>  > Name calling is pretty much always a bad idea in a rational
>  > discussion.  It adds nothing. Defending it as though it were some
>  > valid form of argumentation is ridiculous.
> OK.  Have some valid argumentation:
>     So far I have seen "Perry E. Metzger <address@hidden>"
>     advocate nothing but extreme positions,

Wait, so you're actually doing argumentum ad hominem now? "We can't
believe these arguments because a bad person argues them"?


FYI, lists of logical fallacies aren't bingo cards. The idea is to
avoid all of them, not to try to hit them all.

> All OK now, right?


> N.B. As you have probably recognized, the above is argument ad
> hominem,

Yes, and thus it is not valid argumentation.

Perry E. Metzger                address@hidden

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