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Re: Referring to revisions in the git future.

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: Re: Referring to revisions in the git future.
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2014 14:00:38 +0100
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    > About summary lines, a reminder: Please don't write the traditional
    > GNUish run-on change comment with a semi-infinite number of bulleted
    > items in it any more.
    That's your opinion, but the convention we still use here (and don't
    just recommend but *request* people to follow) is the GNU ChangeLog

You can have both.  In other GNU projects using git (gdb, binutils) we
include a summary line for the benefit of `git log --oneline', followed
by an extended description in a separated paragraph(s) and finally the
ChangeLog entries.

This way `git log --oneline' will show you something like this:

e44528a New commands `enable probe' and `disable probe'.

While `git log' will give you the full description, including the
ChangeLog entries:

commit e44528a65592707466a9434434ed272dd3b13d9a
Author: Jose E. Marchesi <address@hidden>
Date:   Tue Oct 28 14:35:24 2014 +0100

    New commands `enable probe' and `disable probe'.
    This patch adds the above-mentioned commands to the generic probe
    abstraction implemented in probe.[ch].  The effects associated to
    enabling or disabling a probe depend on the type of probe being
    handled, and is triggered by invoking two back-end hooks in
    In case some particular probe type does not support the notion of
    enabling and/or disabling, the corresponding fields on `probe_ops' can
    be initialized to NULL.  This is the case of SystemTap probes.
      2014-10-28  Jose E. Marchesi  <address@hidden>
                * stap-probe.c (stap_probe_ops): Add NULLs in the static
                stap_probe_ops for `enable_probe' and `disable_probe'.
                * probe.c (enable_probes_command): New function.
                (disable_probes_command): Likewise.
                (_initialize_probe): Define the cli commands `enable probe' and
                `disable probe'.
                (parse_probe_linespec): New function.
                (info_probes_for_ops): Use parse_probe_linespec.
                * probe.h (probe_ops): New hooks `enable_probe' and
      2014-10-28  Jose E. Marchesi  <address@hidden>
                * gdb.texinfo (Static Probe Points): Cover the `enable probe' 
                `disable probe' commands.

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