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Re: Emacs 24.4 and advice

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Emacs 24.4 and advice
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2014 13:47:55 -0400
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> I looked at the NEWS - no mention of the function being deprecated.

Indeed, I never heard or seen anyone or any package refer to those two
functions (ad-start-advice and ad-stop-advice), so I didn't think it was
worth mentioning in NEWS (every release comes with loads of such "too
internal to merit mention" changes).  It looked like left over code from
a very long time ago.

What do you use them for?

> I'm not reporting this as a bug, because I can just update my code to work
> around this, but I do think that the changes made to this package could
> have been handled more gracefully.

The addition of nadvice required many changes in advice.el's internals
(these were indispensable in order for the two packages not to step on
each other's toes), so indeed there have been various compatibility
issues, and I've done my best to address them.

> Whatever you think of people (over)using 'advice, the 'ad-start-advice and
> 'ad-stop-advice were a part of the tutorial and documentation in 24.3.

Which tutorial are you referring to?


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