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Re: Conkeror-like functionality for EWW

From: Tassilo Horn
Subject: Re: Conkeror-like functionality for EWW
Date: Tue, 04 Nov 2014 09:54:00 +0100
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Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen <address@hidden> writes:

> I just had another look at the code.  If I understand it correctly,
> you hit `f', numbers are assigned to the links, and then you enter the
> number of the link you want to visit?
> I'm afraid I don't find this compelling functionality.  Anything that
> makes me read numbers from the screen and then type them in doesn't
> seem like something a lot of people would want to do when they can
> just mouse or tab to the link.

If the displayed page contains dozens of links, hitting f 20 RET can be
much better than TAB twenty times or navigating to the link.  Note that
C-u 20 TAB is usually not workable because it requires you to know that
the link you want to follow is exactly 20 links after point.

There are similar plugins that assign characters to links instead of
numbers, so the first 26 visible links are just one key away.

Or another nice and similar approach was to have a command
`eww-isearch-links' which does what isearch does but considers only link
texts.  Probably, that would also be easier to implement as you don't
need to add dozens of overlays displaying link numbers/chars.


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