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Re: need help adjusting workflow to git (or vice versa)

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: need help adjusting workflow to git (or vice versa)
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2014 12:58:24 -0800
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On 11/13/2014 12:44 PM, Stephen Berman wrote:
That's what Martin referred to, isn't it? It takes considerably longer on my older and feebler hardware, also compared with `bzr update' and `bzr pull --overwrite' in a shared repository.

By "shared repository" do you mean you have just one copy of the working files? I thought you had multiple copies, one for each branch. That's what I do, as it helps 'make' go faster.

And the size is also not insignificant, if it means having a copy of the entire Emacs repository for each build (~540M).

No, the repository is shared:

$ time git clone master tmp
Cloning into 'tmp'...

real    0m1.314s
user    0m0.997s
sys    0m0.280s
$ du -s master/.git tmp/.git
205500    master/.git
768    tmp/.git

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