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Re: Recording the date at which a change was pushed to Savannah

From: Stephen J. Turnbull
Subject: Re: Recording the date at which a change was pushed to Savannah
Date: Wed, 03 Dec 2014 18:50:19 +0900

David Kastrup writes:

 > This is a distributed version control system.

IIUC, Glenn isn't interested in the "many repositories" sharing the
common history.  He's interested in the "official" repository
(actually, his local mirror of that, but that's a distinction that
makes no difference to his use case).  From that point of view, it
makes perfect sense to talk about when a commit was pushed to a
particular repository.

 > So when was that commit pushed into the upstream repository?  You are
 > likely looking for something akin to the file creation date of the
 > object blob in the "upstream" repository.

I don't know what Glenn is looking for, aside from the push dates of
each of a set of objects to some repo on Savannah.  I suspect that
creation date of certain files would indeed give a sufficiently
accurate estimate, but of course with packs the blobs don't remain in
the file system and so don't retain a blob creation date in git.

I believe (and tried to explain briefly) that you are correct, that
knowing such push dates won't help him much in understanding "what
happened" in a particular merge.  However, there is some use case that
evidently is quite obvious to him that we may be missing; I don't
think it's useful to speculate about what it is until he tells us more
about it.

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