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Re: C-x C-e on numbers

From: Andreas Schwab
Subject: Re: C-x C-e on numbers
Date: Thu, 04 Dec 2014 17:27:18 +0100
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address@hidden (Alfred M. Szmidt) writes:

> Currently, when evaluating a number, emacs will print the decimal,
> octal, hexadecimal, and charachter of said number.
>   42 C-x C-e ==> 42 (#o52, #x2a, ?*)
> It would be useful, if the output would also include the binary
> representation of the number.  Or at least somehow enable such
> behaviour.  I.e., 
>   42 C-x C-e ==> 42 (#b101010, #o52, #x2a, ?*)

Since there is no builtin way to format numbers in binary this requires
some work.  Also, the binary representation of a number can get quite
long.  IMHO it doesn't add much value over the octal representation.


Andreas Schwab, address@hidden
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