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Re: Multi-line input

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Multi-line input
Date: Thu, 04 Dec 2014 21:03:53 -0500
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> Other problematic place where S-RET could help to insert a newline
> is shell input.

As mentioned earlier, I'm not convinced S-RET is a great idea, since
I think it's more beneficial to get people to learn about C-q.

I do realize that we have a problem in C-q because you need C-q C-j
rather than C-q RET (the same problem recently pointed out by Raman
w.r.t to the ?\n in electric-indent-chars which affects the behavior of
RET rather than that of C-j).

So, S-RET is not without merit, but I'm still not quite convinced it's
a good idea.  I wish I could solve the "C-q RET doesn't insert
a newline" problem instead.

> What is worse in shell than in the minibuffer typing RET accidentally
> in the middle of multi-line shell input causes a mess: it sends the
> part before point, and leaves the remaining lines dangling at the end
> of the shell buffer.

> This patch gets the input until the end of the possibly multi-line
> input field instead of only the end of the line:

Good, please install it.

> While checking this, I also noticed a problem in searching the history of
> multi-line entries.  `comint-line-beginning-position' operates only
> on the current line, so it too should be replaced with `field-beginning':

I'm less confident, but I think this is good as well.  Please install.


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