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Re: Request for policy ruling - dropping Arch support fom VC?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Request for policy ruling - dropping Arch support fom VC?
Date: Sat, 06 Dec 2014 17:50:43 -0500
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>> It should be pretty easy to check if Emacs-24.4's vc-arch.el works right.
> Not as easy as you might think.  Ubuntu doesn't package Arch, which is
> a pretty good clue that nobody has cared about it for quite a while.

It's still in Debian.

> The last source snapshot was made nine years ago. I downloaded it and looked;

I know, but AFAIK "it just works" and has *very* few dependencies, so
it never needed new releases to adapt to new versions of its dependencies.

In any case it's not terribly important to do tests, I was suggesting
doing it if you want to figure out when things broke, assuming
installing tla was easy (which it is under Debian, even on armhf).

> That's doable.  I think I've finished making incompatible API changes,
> so we can put this code on ice knowing that fixing it (if we ever have
> to) will be pretty trivial.


> Let's do what you were considering and move the arch back end to the
> obsolete directory, also taking Arch out of the supported-backends list.
> That way the VC test code won't trip over it, but it will be handy if
> someone shows up wanting Arch support.  



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