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Re: Alternative input formats

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Alternative input formats
Date: Mon, 08 Dec 2014 09:48:56 -0500
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> I don't think anybody has asked for "full HTML" (and definitely not
> "full HTML5", although some HTML5 features might be nice).

Not exactly, but when Richard said:

  Then there will be no reason to insist on one particular source format
  for manuals for GNU packages.  We could allow any source markup format
  that can generate the three kinds of output we want:
  * Nicely formatted PS or PDF.  (Ideally, passed through TeX.)
  * HTML used like Info version 2.

There's obviously the problem that until we actually define our "InfoML"
and promote it, the likelyhood that existing document publishing systems
(like Org, RST, AsciiDoc, MarkDown, DocBook, Sphynx, younameit) happen
to fall within this subset seems rather small.

But, yes I'm all for an InfoML, provided we have an infoml.el that's
able to render it fast enough.  And who knows, maybe we can design it to
be "the union of the output of those existing systems".


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