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ERC problem with duplicate channel names on different servers?

From: Barry Warsaw
Subject: ERC problem with duplicate channel names on different servers?
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2014 11:15:38 -0500

Hello emacsers,

I think I am seeing a bug in erc, but before I submit a bug report, I wanted
to see if this problem is already known (I searched the emacs-bug Gmane
newsgroup to no avail) or if anybody already has a workaround.

FTR: emacs 24.4.1, Ubuntu 15.04, bip 0.8.9

So I use bip as my IRC proxy, connecting to multiple networks, including
freenode, OFTC, and an internal corporate server.  This arrangement has been
working great for years.

Today I just configured bip to join two channels which have the same name on
freenode and the internal server, and erc started acting funny.  The problem
could of course be bip, and I will work on eliminating that possibility, but
this *feels* like an erc problem.

Strange thing 1: no erc buffer comes up with the channel name on freenode.
This channel is rather light traffic, but the only buffer with the shared
channel name that exists is the address@hidden buffer.  I can join
address@hidden in xchat just fine.

Strange thing 2: In the address@hidden buffer, suddenly all nick completion
(TAB) is broken.  Nick completion in all other channel buffers continues to
work as expected.

Strange thing 3: When address@hidden is visible in one emacs window, but I
am editing a file in another window and someone pings my nick in the internal
channel, erc will pop up the channel buffer.  Usually this only happens if the
ping happens in a non-visible buffer.  It's as if erc is seeing the nick ping
in the visible buffer (address@hidden) but thinks its happening in the
hidden buffer (address@hidden - which doesn't exist afaict).

Any thoughts?


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