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RE: Correspondence between web-pages and Info-pages

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Correspondence between web-pages and Info-pages
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2014 07:09:33 -0800 (PST)

> > If we add a command to the Info reader that will crank out the
> > corresponding web page for locally installed Info documentation so
> > that it can easily be cut and pasted into a reply on a public
> > mailing list for reference, this will do a lot more for increased
> > page rank to search engines (if they are GNU _manuals_ linked to
> > on the project pages, they are of course _visible_ to search
> > engine crawlers) than messing with its source language.
> Hey, I think this is a great idea


> replace the "(emacs)Title" syntax with a URL.  When passed to Info,
> these URL would be redirected to the local Info pages.

The original suggestion (quoted in that reply by David K) was the
other way around: The web version of a manual uses URLs that are
derived from the Info manual.  Just keep that, but use that mapping
in Info to provide an Emacs command to retrieve the URL for a given
node (and so yank it or follow it etc.).

> The main downside is that those URLs would take up more space.  But
> the upside is not just greater exposure of our HTML manuals to search
> engines, but also the removal of the ad-hoc (info "(emacs)Title")
> syntax.

See above.  Provide the corresponding URL from Emacs, but continue
to use the current node refs within Info (Emacs).  No wasted space.
No downside.  FWIW, that "ad-hoc" node syntax is an Emacs feature,
not something that needs to be removed.

Either way (use a URL directly in Info/Emacs or provide a function
to get the URL for a given Info node), see the previous discussion
of this.

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