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Re: Removing rollback from VC mode - request for comment

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Removing rollback from VC mode - request for comment
Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2014 23:06:23 -0500
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>> No, I mean the thing that visually replaces α with an actual
>> α character (and converts it back when you save).

Did I write the above?  Sorry, the first α should have been "\alpha".
And I was just referring to the X-Symbol feature:

AFAIK, one of one of X-Symbol's features is to shows you "nice symbols
and such", such as → ⊢ α, in place of the corresponding TeX code (such
as \to, \vdash, \alpha).  It does it in a way which is fairly intrusive,
replacing the \to, \vdash, \alpha text itself in the buffer (and
replacing it back when saving).

And I was pointing out that nowadays it would be a lot more natural to
do that via prettify-symbols-mode which would be more efficient and
wouldn't requiring changing the buffer's content (so, no risk of
messing up the file's content either).

>>> Besides sub and super indices were not supported.1
>> Not sure what you mean by that.

> Oh in Latex you can have 
> $u_k$
> or 
> $u^l$
> where k is the sup and l the
> super index.

I know that, but what does it have to do with X-Symbol?
More to the point: Emacs's built-in LaTeX mode already displays those
above "_k" and "^l" as sub- and superscripts (and has been doing it for
many years now).
So, what did X-Symbol do with super/subscript that isn't covered by this?


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