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Re: On being web-friendly and why info must die

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: On being web-friendly and why info must die
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2014 03:39:39 -0500

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  >  > This sort of functionality uses client-side javascript, which is
  >  > something of a concern.

  > I don't see why that's more of a concern than "client-side Lisp".

"Client-side Javascript" is a simple referrence to the problem,
but if you take it as a complete description of the problem, that
can lead to misunderstanding what the issue is.

The problem with Javascript is in the form of its usual usage
scenario: the browser gets it in a web page sent by some other machine
and runs it directly from that page.  That's the way "client-side
Javascript" usually works.

If someone takes a verbal shortcut and refers to that problem by
saying "client-side Javascript", would you please keep in mind that
the real issue is what I stated in the paragraph above?

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