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Re: On being web-friendly and why info must die

From: Phillip Lord
Subject: Re: On being web-friendly and why info must die
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2014 21:22:36 +0100
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Stefan Monnier <address@hidden> writes:

>> However, the second part of each line (the text like "Fundamentals of
>> defined abbrevs") can't be found anywhere else.
> Here, rather than suggest to analyze the existing cases, I'll just point
> out that pretty much the rest of the world lives happily without being
> able to use two different texts, so I'm not sure it's worth the trouble.

Or alternatively, I would ask, iff the extra text is worth seeing in a
menu item point to a page, why it is also not worth seeing in the page

 Abbrevs Concepts: Fundamentals of defined abbrevs

Should open to a page

Fundamentals of defined abbrevs
(Abbrevs Concepts).

I might even go further and just drop the Node node which is perhaps a
form of explicit navigation that we are infliciting of the user.

Why not have a visualisation that looks like:

   - The Fundamentals of defined Abbrevs

And points to a node

The fundamentals of defined abbrevs.

"Abbrev Concepts" gets relegated to the role of the anchor text, just
used for linking the two together. Visible to the developer only.


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