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Re: URIs for GNU documentation

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: URIs for GNU documentation
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2014 05:57:04 -0500

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     >  or requires the use of URIs whose intended meaning is not
     >  readily discernable [4, 5]:

     > urn:oid:
     > urn:uuid:b36df5bb-cf0c-4e1a-acd6-dc6602e5d6a4

I don't know what those things mean, so I can't evaluate whether
they would work for this job.

          > The question is: is that a problem?  The filesystem layout for
          > the majority of GNU installations is already standardized; say,
          > we may expect to find the Info documents somewhere under
          > /usr/share/info (also /share/info for GNU/Hurd.)

Those places are used currently for manuals installed at system level.
You can also install packages privately, however, in your own home

Thus, reference to other manuals using '..' can't work in all cases in
an ordinary browser.  But they might work in enough cases to make this
a viable approach, provided we put all manuals in one directory.

Meanwhile, browsers specifically for HTML-Info could search the appropriate
list of directories in the cases where that is appropriate.

So I guess this sort of reference is sufficient.


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