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Re: [PATCH] Desktop mode saves mark-ring too verbosely

From: Ivan Shmakov
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Desktop mode saves mark-ring too verbosely
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2015 08:20:39 +0000
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>>>>> Kelly Dean <address@hidden> writes:


 > @@ -628,6 +628,18 @@
 >    "When the desktop file was last modified to the knowledge of this Emacs.
 >  Used to detect desktop file conflicts.")

 > +(defvar desktop-var-serdes-funs

        I’d rather see it use the unabbreviated ‘-functions’ suffix.
        (Also, aren’t “serialization” and “deserialization” often
        referred to as “writing” and “reading” in the dialects of Lisp?)

 > +  (list (list
 > +     'mark-ring
 > +     (lambda (mr)
 > +       (mapcar #'marker-position mr))
 > +     (lambda (mr)
 > +       (mapcar #'copy-marker mr))))
 > +  "Table of serdes functions for variables.

        It doesn’t look like a common abbreviation, so I guess
        “serializer, deserializer” should rather be spelled in full.
        (And even more so when it comes to the first line of a

 > +Each record is a list of form: (var serializer deserializer).
 > +These records can be freely reordered, deleted, or new ones added.
 > +However, for compatibility, don't modify the functions for existing 
 > records.")
 > +


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