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Re: antlr-mode.el - need some support by python.el

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: antlr-mode.el - need some support by python.el
Date: Thu, 05 Feb 2015 09:27:45 -0500
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> You are right - for a start, I started with a variable specifically for
> Python, but in the end, I would see it as part of prog-mode (s/th like
> xml-mode would not be covered, but to make it part of fundamental-mode
> is probably too generic?).

prog-mode sounds good.  That doesn't prevent non-prog modes from using
it (and really, modes like xml-mode or latex-mode should inherit from
both text-mode and prog-mode).

> + (defvar python-submode-indentation-context nil
> +   "((MIN . MAX) LEFTMOST-COL . <future>).")
> Ok, here is some real doc:

Sounds like a good start.  Two questions:
- how/who provides the <future>?  Is it the outer mode (which hence
  needs "internal" knowledge of the inner mode)?
- for some outer modes (think of a literate programming mode, for
  example), the chunk specified by MIN/MAX should really be considered
  as being a continuation of a previous chunk.  So maybe the inner mode
  should be provided with some way to find the "text before MIN" (if any).

I guess for your use case, the second point doesn't apply, tho, so maybe
we can skip this part for now.

> Is this fine for you?  Should I send a corresponding patch to
> progmodes/prog-mode.el ?



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