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Re: Contributing LLVM.org patches to gud.el

From: Florian Weimer
Subject: Re: Contributing LLVM.org patches to gud.el
Date: Mon, 09 Feb 2015 21:00:50 +0100

* Richard Stallman:

>   > If we try to close down every cooperation with non-GNU free software, we
>   > are sacrificing our goals for the sake of our temples.
> I agree.  But is anyone proposing that?

I find it disappointing how much trouble the system library exception
in its various versions caused for free software distributions.  It
ended up granting freedoms exclusively to proprietary operating
systems vendors.  The FSF even ignores tight integration of GPL code
and priority code on the same media (or within the same installer),
which, according to the letter of the GPL, version 2, should make it
impossible rely on the system library exception. And this is exactly
what is demanded from free software distributions, but proprietary
vendors receive a free pass on this matter.

This makes me feel bitter.  It is totally understandable on a
psychological level (the goals are so similar that one has to fiercely
insistent on the existence of major differences).  But it's still sad
when it happens.

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