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Re: Dynamic loading progress

From: Ivan Shmakov
Subject: Re: Dynamic loading progress
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 2015 18:37:20 +0000
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>>>>> Stephen Leake <address@hidden> writes:


 > However, when I try to access an elisp vector, it fails:


 > emacs_value names = env->intern (env, "ada_grammar-names");
 > emacs_value args[] = { names };
 > int64_t names_length = env->fixnum_to_int (env, env->funcall (env, length, 
 > 1, args));

        Isn’t the above essentially (length 'ada_grammar-names)?  Or,
        verbosely speaking:

  (let* ((length (intern "length"))
         (names (intern "ada_grammar-names"))
         (names-length (funcall length names)))

        (That is, the code above wants to apply 'length to the /value/
        of a variable – not its /name/.)


 > => module-load: Wrong type argument: sequencep, ada_grammar-names

 > This happens on both Windows Mingw32 and Debian x86_64

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