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git is screwed

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: git is screwed
Date: Sun, 22 Mar 2015 10:17:08 -0400

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I committed some changes using C-x v v in vc-dir.
Something went wrong with lisp/ChangeLog.

It appears that my change log entries went into an old version of that
file; I don't know why this happened, since I wrote them today after
doing 'git pull'.

After this, I did 'git pull' again, and it said there was a merge
conflict in lisp/ChangeLpg.  A lot of text appears to be missing from
the file.  It said, "fix conflicts and then commit the result."

I edited lisp/ChangeLog and tried to commit it with C-x v v.
That gave me the error message

  fatal: cannot do a partial commit during a merge.

I am now stuck.  I don't know what a "merge" is; it is certainly
nothing I asked to do.

How can I get this unwedged?

Is my change to the default value of browse-url-firefox-program
visible in browse-url.el?  It should try icecat first.

My previous use of git is limited to getting the Emacs sources
to build them.

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