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Re: VC mode and git

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: VC mode and git
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2015 15:33:22 +0300

> From: Andreas Schwab <address@hidden>
> Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2015 13:02:05 +0200
> Cc: "Stephen J. Turnbull" <address@hidden>,
>       Harald Hanche-Olsen <address@hidden>, address@hidden, address@hidden
> Alan Mackenzie <address@hidden> writes:
> > With git pull, if there are changes in the working directory, the merge
> > (i.e. merge from remote/master into master) part of the operation is
> > aborted before it starts, giving a message describing its refusal.  It
> > does this even when there are no conflicts to deal with.
> Only if you use --rebase.

Perhaps Alan has that in his .gitconfig?

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