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Apply-partially to keep interactive-form

From: Michael Pontus
Subject: Apply-partially to keep interactive-form
Date: Wed, 08 Apr 2015 10:28:18 +0300
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I suggest that `apply-partially' should not discard interactive-form but
to make it compliant with new interface. I don't imagine it to be a
challenge to dismantle a string used to construct the form, and put it
back together without pre-applied arguments. Form adaptation has its
limits, in which it may raise unnecessary prompts but present
opportunity to process them in definite order.

Emacs comes with several great commands with not most useful default
arguments, my personal peeves: insert-parentheses and just-one-space.

I've mostly wished for this to be in place when working with advices.
However, I was forced to seek other implementation and will not recall
circumstances until faced with them again. This will be the kind of
simplicity I strive for, made possible so far through variable arguments:
    (advice-add 'org-edit-src-abort :before-while
      (apply-partially 'y-or-n-p "Are you sure?"))

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