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Re: Async package.el

From: Artur Malabarba
Subject: Re: Async package.el
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 2015 02:38:32 +0100

2015-04-09 13:34 GMT+01:00 Dmitry Gutov >> I don't get that bevahiour
from emacs -Q, but there was a problem with
>> the incompatible table a few days ago. Maybe your elc file is outdated?
> 'emacs -Q' won't let you reproduce this, because (I think) it won't load
> ~/.emacs.d/elpa/archives/melpa/archive-contents during `package-initilize'.
> I've pulled the latest changes, re-bootstrapped Emacs, removed
> ~/.emacs.d/elpa/archives, but after restarting Emacs, the problem persists.

Found it. The compatibility table was being initialize before the list
of built-in packages. Should be fixed now.

> Indeed, that should be rare. I don't have a scarier scenario to offer right
> now, so maybe we can ignore this downside (but preferably handle the
> possibility with care; and not move the "to install" mark to the
> now-incompatible package).


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