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Re: commit-msg hook

From: chad
Subject: Re: commit-msg hook
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 2015 11:54:24 -0700

> On 11 Apr 2015, at 20:36, Stefan Monnier <address@hidden> wrote:
>> I think we could just rely on its being on PATH.  All we need is Emacs
>> 23.1 or later.
> FWIW, I think that Emacs>=23 is rarely in PATH under Mac OS X.

Stefan is correct. The shipped-with default emacs on the latest macosx is:

        GNU Emacs 22.1.1 (mac-apple-darwin) of 2015-03-23 on osx202.apple.com

I believe that the majority of users who install a newer version will NOT end 
up with it in PATH.


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