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Re: master e45dbdc: package--ensure-init-file: widen requires save-restr

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: master e45dbdc: package--ensure-init-file: widen requires save-restriction
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2015 13:20:23 -0400
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Stefan Monnier wrote:

>> Also, please could people stop omitting portions of the file path in logs.
>> Ie stop writing eg "* package.el" or "* emacs-lisp/package.el", as in
> That's often needed to fit within the single-line summary.

IMO you'll have to give up on that trick now. If using the full filename
results in too long a line, you'll have to add one of those silly first
lines that basically says the same thing as the actual entry, just to
make git happy. This is the system people wanted.

(BTW, I fixed the emacs-diffs mails some time ago to not have that silly
need for a blank line. So no need to bother with that on their account.)

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