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Re: git question: how do I get a specific git version into my working di

From: Steinar Bang
Subject: Re: git question: how do I get a specific git version into my working directory?
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 2015 14:18:59 +0200
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>>>>> Alan Mackenzie <address@hidden>:

> Hello, Emacs.
> A simple question (I hope):  How do I get a specific SW revision into my
> working directory.  I want to do something like this:

>    git <command> 7e09ef09a479731d01b1ca46e94ddadd73ac98e3

> git checkout doesn't seem to be the thing.

"git checkout 7e09ef09a479731d01b1ca46e94ddadd73ac98e3" should work.

What result do you get and what were you expecting?  Do you have any
uncommitted files it refuses to overwrite?  If so, try
 git stash
 git checkout 7e09ef09a479731d01b1ca46e94ddadd73ac98e3
 git stash pop

(don't stash if you have staged files, I think you have uncovered a bug

> Neither does git revert.  What is <command> here?

The command is "checkout".

WARNING! Dangeous work-losing command ahead!
There is also
 git reset --hard 7e09ef09a479731d01b1ca46e94ddadd73ac98e3
which will overwrite anything uncommitted and set your workstate to the
version described in 7e09ef09a479731d01b1ca46e94ddadd73ac98e3.

If you just want to apply that commit, do:
 git cherry-pick 7e09ef09a479731d01b1ca46e94ddadd73ac98e3

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