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Re: Improving browsing and discoverability in the Packages Menu

From: Artur Malabarba
Subject: Re: Improving browsing and discoverability in the Packages Menu
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 2015 14:25:42 +0100

> r> Many ways of filtering -- over and above the present "filter by
> r> keywords" would be nice.
> r> 1. Hide all installed/builtin packages
> r> 2. Hide packages from one or more repositories
> (Sorry for the late comment, I've been away.  I don't think this has
> happened, though?)

It hasn't.

> It would be easiest, I think, to make the source repo, the package
> status, and other metadata (signed, etc.) into keywords and then enhance
> the keyword browsing.  The "filter" functionality Stefan suggested makes
> sense across keywords *and* package names and descriptions, and can
> easily be plugged into the current "Filter" function in the menu.

Sounds very reasonable. We could also implement excluding keywords. So it would be easy to hide nil built-ins, for instance.

> r> 3. Hide helper packages eg packages  that would only be installed as a
> r> dependency of something else that is user-facing
> I don't think it's good to ever hide those,

This part is already done. Dependencies are not hidden, but are given a comment face and sorted after the installed packages.

If the above is implemented, it should also be easy to hide them.

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