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Re: Emacs author stats

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: Emacs author stats
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2015 22:54:12 +0300

> From: Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen <address@hidden>
> Cc: address@hidden
> Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2015 20:44:07 +0200
> Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> writes:
> > This suspicion is not true: whoever committed the changes even back
> > then, always mentioned the actual author.
> Ah, right.  I thought that the...  er...  previous vc didn't
> differentiate, but I assumed that the previous one was cvs.

What I said was true even when Emacs used RCS.

> But perhaps there was something else in between cvs and bzr that I'm
> forgetting?

Not officially, no.  (Miles used arch.)

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