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Possible mouse wheel regression in -nw mode with PuTTY

From: Neil Baylis
Subject: Possible mouse wheel regression in -nw mode with PuTTY
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2015 13:37:56 -0700

I think I'm seeing a slight regression in the behavior of the mouse wheel. This is with -nw mode, using Windows PuTTY as a client, with ssh into a linux box where the emacs runs. I've verified that it's nothing in my init.el. I've verified that the bad behavior described below does not happen when running on the same host with a real xterm.

The problem seems to have begun with emacs 24.4. I verified with fresh builds from source that it works with 24.3, but not with 24.4

The problem:

 When I scroll using the mouse wheel, the buffer scrolls as before, but there's also a screen flash, and a complaint in the mini buffer: "M-[ m" is undefined". It seems that emacs is seeing this escape sequence after each movement of the mouse wheel. I have PuTTY set to report xterm mouse events, and I have xterm-mouse-mode turned on in emacs. I also executed some of the new terminal mode menu features, and saw the problem there as well, so I'm guessing that this new facility introduced the problem. Ordinary mouse clicks do the right thing.

I can work around this by adding a global-set-key to recognize the escape sequence and ignore it. As yet, I don't know if my workaround breaks anything else. The escape sequence means "Turn off all special character attributes, e.g., blinking, bold, etc.". 

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