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Re: running EDE from a file that is not under a project root dir

From: Eric Ludlam
Subject: Re: running EDE from a file that is not under a project root dir
Date: Wed, 05 Aug 2015 07:42:32 -0400
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On 08/05/2015 02:43 AM, Stephen Leake wrote:
>I find the global project concept scary.  I can't say how many times
>I've edited Emacs code that was wasn't on my load path because I had
>multiple checkouts of the same code.  Mostly just too many times.
You misunderstand my point. I don't want a project that includes all
files on the disk (which is what I think you are refering to); I want a
single project that is active in all buffers.

Most other IDEs I've used have the notion of a single active project;
the splash screen asks for the project to open.

That's how Emacs Ada mode works; the user selects the single active
project. They can later select another one.

I have used IDEs with "global" projects, and I consider Emacs an IDE with a single global project for "emacs lisp" code (among other things, of course. :) It has handy functions like 'find-function' and 'find-library' that lets you move to definitions and files.

The reason I don't like global projects is that if you are in one resource (for Emacs any old .el, .txt, etc) and call `find-function', it will jump off to the code, but unless you pay attention, you might end up somewhere you don't expect. For example, if I have two versions of my source code open, such as ede.el in Emacs vs ede.el in CEDET's repository, and I blindly jump from a symbol, I'll could end up in the wrong place based on what my load path is.

In my mind, all files should be deterministically bound to a project so when you perform an operation, you always know where you're going. Some files are "in" projects. In your case, a way to associate a notes file outside a project to a project sounds important.

Having a 'global' project could be useful if you only ever edit one project at a time in a given emacs instance, and you want everything to behave as if it were. I don't picture most Emacs users operating like that. If it is feature to be added, it should be optional.


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