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behaviour change in cl-subseq

From: Phillip Lord
Subject: behaviour change in cl-subseq
Date: Wed, 05 Aug 2015 13:14:53 +0100
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I've just had a bug report for pabbrev. The root cause is a change in
the implementation of cl-subseq. 

In Emacs 24:

(cl-subseq '() 10 10) ;; nil

While in Emacs 25

In Emacs 25 `cl-subseq' has been redefined in terms of seq-subseq.

(seq-subseq '() 10 10) ;; errors
(cl-subseq '() 10 10) ;; errors

Which is a reasonably substantial change in the interface of cl-subseq.
The actual (exceptional) behaviour of cl-subseq is not documented, so
it's reasonable, but perhaps not sensible. It's easy to fix in pabbrev
(and anywhere) in a way which does not require me to probe for Emacs

I offer no opinions, just wanted to check whether this was intended.


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