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Re: behaviour change in cl-subseq

From: Tassilo Horn
Subject: Re: behaviour change in cl-subseq
Date: Thu, 06 Aug 2015 08:11:33 +0200
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Leo Liu <address@hidden> writes:

>> (cl-subseq '() 10 10) ;; errors
> What did you get when you run it in Common Lisp?

In SBCL 1.2.12 I get an error:

* (subseq '() 10 10)

debugger invoked on a SB-KERNEL:BOUNDING-INDICES-BAD-ERROR in thread
#<THREAD "main thread" RUNNING {1002D76633}>:
  The bounding indices 10 and 10 are bad for a sequence of length 0.
See also:
  The ANSI Standard, Glossary entry for "bounding index designator"
  The ANSI Standard, writeup for Issue SUBSEQ-OUT-OF-BOUNDS:IS-AN-ERROR

So I guess the new behavior is in compliance with Common Lisp.  Or well,
not with the current ANSI standard but with a future one.


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