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RE: char equivalence classes in search - why not symmetric?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: char equivalence classes in search - why not symmetric?
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 2015 09:46:46 -0700 (PDT)

> > But the question Jean-Christophe raised is about the _default_
> > behavior.
> Indeed.
> > And BTW, he raised it specifically wrt char folding, not case folding.
> That's not true.  Quote:
> >> Maybe the default is wrong:
> >> a should catch only a (and not aAàá etc.)
> >> a case modifier would allow a to catch aA
> >> and a diacritic modifier would allow a to catch aàá etc.
> >> the free case and diacritic modifier can be combined so that a can catch
> >> aAàÀáÁ etc.
> >>
> >> ie, the default it to catch *exactly* what the user types.

Well, OK, he did mention case as well as char folding, yes.

He made, I think, a valid general point.  But I agree that we should
leave case folding out of it.

> > The attempt, each time, to hark back to the fact that Emacs defaults
> > _case_ folding to ON, in the context of a discussion about _char_
> > folding, is lamentable.
> >
> > We can deal with case folding later, if there is enough interest in
> > reconsidering its default behavior.  In this thread the question is
> > about char folding, first and foremost.
> I reacted specifically to Jean-Christophe's suggestion to change the
> default for case-fold-search.

OK.  We can agree to separate that out from the current discussion.

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