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Re: Expansion of #$ in byte-compiled files

From: Ken Brown
Subject: Re: Expansion of #$ in byte-compiled files
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 2015 10:49:52 -0400
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On 9/3/2015 9:46 PM, Michael Mauger wrote:
On Thursday, September 3, 2015 5:51 PM, Kalle Olavi Niemitalo <address@hidden> 

Michael Mauger <address@hidden> writes:

  because of the following generated line in the package autoloads script:

    (add-to-list 'load-path (or (file-name-directory #$) (car

I expect that (file-name-directory load-file-name) would avoid
the problem.>

Yes, using`load-file-name' might avoid the problem but the package installer 
generates the #$ syntax so I have no direct control of it.

Ken Brown was correct that the autoloads.el files have a `no-byte-compile: t' 
entry in their Local Variables section, but the package installer is still byte 
compiling the files.  I think the placement of some ^L are interfering with the 
proper parsing of that section.  The good news is that it is not happening in 
the master repository, only on my 25.4 Cygwin instance.  I have added a snippet 
of code to delete any *-autoloads.elc files in the package tree before I 
initialize the package system and that avoids the problem.

I checked my latest GIT version on Linux and confirmed it has no compiled 
autoloads and installing new packages was not creating them.  I then double 
checked the update of existing packages and installation of new packages did 
compile the autoloads on my W7/Cygwin install.

I just tested this, using the same emacs version as you (the current release of emacs-w32 on 64-bit Cygwin), and the autoloads files didn't get byte-compiled. I tested by installing form-feed and lua-mode from MELPA. I don't know what could be different on your system to cause this problem. Can you reproduce it from 'emacs -Q'?


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