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Re: Please stop putting curly quotes into doc strings!

From: raman
Subject: Re: Please stop putting curly quotes into doc strings!
Date: Tue, 08 Sep 2015 09:20:06 -0700
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The negative with that is that we'll have inconsistency between say Core
Emacs libraries and code from Elpa. Eventually this entire thread will
be forgotten  or be entirely unknown to another elisp programmer who
ends up cut/pasting from other elpa code.  I think for the long-term
health of emacs, this is a situation that is best avoided.

The needs of developers who view Ascii quotes as ugly and want to see
something else can be easily served by an elpa package that uses all the
tricks you have proposed in reverse on this thread, eg display-table
hacks, shadow glyphs and other alternatives -- it has the advantage of
keeping the codebase clean. In some sense, that is not very  different
from having an addon package display #'(lambda as #'(λ

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