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Re: RCS: (vc-next-action 1) only New Backend

From: Uwe Brauer
Subject: Re: RCS: (vc-next-action 1) only New Backend
Date: Sat, 19 Sep 2015 10:46:52 +0200
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> I'm not sure what that means.  Can you give a complete recipe,
> starting with "emacs -Q", and tell which parts don't work for you?

First here  is a recipe  which *only* works with the older version of
vc. (For which I have to use Xemacs: its vc version is from 2007)
1. Create a new file.
2. Write a line.
3. Save the file
2. C-x v i register is with RCS
3. (Vc-nect-action) checkout
4. write the second  line, save
5. (vc-next-action) checkin version 1.2
6. (Vc-nect-action) checkout version 1.2
7. Add a new line, save
8. (vc-next-action 1) now in the old VC version you are asked for a
   «new version or backend», you time for example 2.1
9. Voila rev is now 2.1

When I try to follow these steps, running Emacs -Q,  in step 8 I just
receive in the prompt  «New Backend» but not «version».

I found the culprit:

In the *old* vc version the relevant functions were:

(defun vc-rcs-checkin (file rev comment)
(defun vc-checkin (file &optional rev comment initial-contents)

Now they are:
(defun vc-checkin (files backend &optional comment initial-contents)
(defun vc-rcs-checkin (files comment)

There is no argument for rev.

I already contacted the author.

I find this feature allowing rev as an parameter very useful, but I
first want to discuss the issue with the author.

Uwe Brauer 

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