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Strange comment in font-lock-fontify-buffer

From: Andreas Röhler
Subject: Strange comment in font-lock-fontify-buffer
Date: Sun, 20 Sep 2015 10:35:09 +0200
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in command font-lock-fontify-buffer there is a comment saying:

;; When called from Lisp, this function is a big mess. The caller usually
   ;; expects one of the following behaviors:
   ;; - refresh the highlighting (because the font-lock-keywords have been
   ;;   changed).
   ;; - apply font-lock highlighting even if font-lock-mode is not enabled.
   ;; - reset the highlighting rules because font-lock-defaults
   ;;   has been changed (and then rehighlight everything).
;; Of course, this function doesn't do all of the above in all situations ;; (e.g. depending on whether jit-lock is in use) and it can't guess what
   ;; the caller wants.

Don't understand these concerns, resp. commenting.

font-lock-mode is expected to care for more things and in a different way then a single explicit call here - which should work from scratch indeed.



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