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Re: Explicit encoding cookie in Elisp files Add prettify-symbols-alist f

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: Re: Explicit encoding cookie in Elisp files Add prettify-symbols-alist for js-mode
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 2015 01:54:19 +0300
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On 09/28/2015 11:24 AM, Eli Zaretskii wrote:

Of course.  But I still routinely work on systems where 23.2 is the
latest installed version, and I'm a simple user there, so I cannot
upgrade that.

Hopefully, you don't have to work on Emacs too much in those conditions.

I did what I did semi-automatically because we were doing that for
years.  I didn't even remember that we default to UTF-8 in *.el files
until Stefan reminded me.  Why? because we never bothered to remove
the cookies after we made that change, nor stop producing them in
auto-generated *.el files.

Cookies still make sense in loaddefs, because those are created inside .emacs.d/elpa as well.

Inconsistency?  Yes, I dislike it, but I dislike discrimination and
lack of fair play even more.

Ok, I've removed most of those old occurrences too, so that the tiny new commit doesn't feel too discriminated against. Hopefully, it won't cause significant difficulties on your systems with Emacs 23.2.

I didn't touch Org, Gnus, CC Mode, Tramp and loaddefs files. As well as the directories leim, language and international, because those are terrifying.

Once again, you are blowing out of proportion a minor issue.  It lacks
any potential for any kind of grave consequences, so far-fetched

Analogies sometimes get exaggerated for clarity.

Note that "desugaring" in the presented analogy doesn't have any "grave consequences" either. It's a pretty safe operation, all in all.

Judging by the energy invested in this discussion, I don't think we
should lack manpower/enthusiasm to fix the issue consistently, only
redirect it.  Assuming, that is, that the issue is indeed the cookies

My issue was with the proposed change in the workflow for new contributions. But I hope you're okay with the result.

Then why did you want to revert db828f6?

It seems to be a fitting conclusion for this discussion, that's all.

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