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New maintainer

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: New maintainer
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 2015 02:28:32 -0400
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So, now that I stepped down, we need to find a new maintainer (or a new

Don't be afraid: it's a fun job.  Oldtimers take care of a lot of the
work, and it's not like you need to know everything about Emacs's
internals or anything (e.g. after all these years, the redisplay code is
still very much foreign to me).

My experience co-maintaining with Yidong was very good, so I'd
recommend that.

Of course, we'd also welcome people volunteering to take charge of
particular sub-tasks, so as to reduce the overall load of the
maintainer.  E.g. taking care of GNU ELPA.

But we still need a head maintainer, whose task is mostly to keep an eye
on the general direction, can make a final decision when we can't reach
an agreement (of course, we could also delegate that task to
/dev/random), and to be the official contact point with the FSF.

If you're still not sue the job is for you, think about all the side
benefits, such as the fact that you can get as many copies of Emacs as
you want *for free*, and you even get ssh access to fencepost.gnu.org!

        Stefan "I'm not in emacs-devel right now, so keep m in the Cc"

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