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Re: bug#17453: Isearch doesn't work properly with Follow Mode.

From: Artur Malabarba
Subject: Re: bug#17453: Isearch doesn't work properly with Follow Mode.
Date: Sun, 1 Nov 2015 12:20:19 +0000

Hi Alan,

>> What if isearch just took into account all windows displaying
>> current-buffer, instead of just the selected one?
>> This wouldn’t involve anything specific to follow mode, and I believe it
>> would solve the issue, no?
> I don't think so, really.  What exactly does "took into account" mean?
> With Follow Mode active, on a forward search you explicitly want point to
> move into the next window when the search target is visible there. When
> FM is not active, you most definitely don't want this to happen.

Well, one of the reasons I suggested it is because I think I actually
would want that. But, of course, it would be conditioned on a variable
(disabled by default), and follow-mode would simply have to enable it.

> I have working code which make isearch and FM work together nicely.  I
> think it's a sufficiently "nice" implementation to commit.

Sure. Don't take this as me trying to push you in a different
direction. I brought it up because it sounded like it would be
You have a better understanding of the issue and the code than I do,
don't feel obliged to try my suggestion.

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