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Re: Exposing Isearch toggleable options

From: Artur Malabarba
Subject: Re: Exposing Isearch toggleable options
Date: Sun, 1 Nov 2015 19:34:46 +0000

2015-11-01 16:01 GMT+00:00 Drew Adams <address@hidden>:
>> > Instead of the Help buffer we could open a Customizable-like buffer
>> > with widget-type fields, thus in addition to *showing* the current
>> > search options and info about keys to change them, also allow
>> > *changing* the current search options.
>> Sounds like a good addition.
> Not to me, it doesn't.  A widget-filled buffer is a step
> backward in this context, IMO.

I should have explained more. I don't mean it would be good to merge
isearch's customization group with the help buffer.
I just meant we could add a few checkboxes to that buffer. For
instance, currently the help for isearch has a paragraph like this:

Type M-s c to toggle search case-sensitivity.
Type M-s i to toggle search in invisible text.
Type M-s r to toggle regular-expression mode.
Type M-s w to toggle word mode.
Type M-s _ to toggle symbol mode.
Type M-s ' to toggle character folding.

Adding a single checkbox to the end (or start) of each line would be
nice (and it isn't what I'd call a "widget-filled" buffer).
Or we could replace that paragraph with something like this (where []
denotes a checkbox)

   Search options        | Toggle key
[] case-sensitive        | M-s c
[] inside invisible text | M-s i
[] regular-expression    | M-s r
[] word mode             | M-s w
[] symbol mode           | M-s _
[] character folding     | M-s '

(let's not nitpick on the format here, I'm just suggesting how the
options could be made toggleable)

> See above.  The mode-line is precious,[...] The mode-line is a poor design
> choice for reminders about Isearch keys.

Which is why number 3 is my least preferred option. :-)

> And again, prominent reminders of Isearch keys should not
> privilege the keys to change option values. [...]
> option toggling should [not] suddenly be considered
> the only, or even the most, important kind of Isearch
> action to remind users about.

Which is why option 1) was my first preference. The isearch help
buffer exposes all keys, not just those toggles (and we can reorder it
how we see fit).

> (Artur/Bruce - which do you prefer, BTW?)

Artur. Chaging this email address has been on my todo list. :-P

> I agree that putting such a reminder in the echo area
> would not be a step forward.


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