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Re: Changing the tone of emacs-devel (Was: On the popularity of git)

From: Artur Malabarba
Subject: Re: Changing the tone of emacs-devel (Was: On the popularity of git)
Date: Tue, 3 Nov 2015 22:05:00 +0000

2015-11-03 20:35 GMT+00:00 John Wiegley <address@hidden>:
> Hah, you are so right! :) Thank you for calling me on that. Subject changed.

Now that you've brought it up, let me emphasize that a moment and
request that we all brach-off subjects _a lot_ more frequently.
I know it's easy to forget. I forget it all the time (and clearly so
does John ;-), but let's make a bit more of an effort.

Remember kids:
If you're changing the subject of a conversation, do everyone a favor
and change the subject of the message.

Then there's the matter of what do you do if the new subject is not
really about Emacs. To this matter, I quote a short snippet of what
John said on that thread, for those who might not have read it:

2015-11-03 20:15 GMT+00:00 John Wiegley <address@hidden>:
> For the purposes of Emacs development (aka, emacs-devel), I would much rather
> have a semi-professional atmosphere focused on improving Emacs, than an
> easy-going social atmosphere focused on eloquent debates.

Yes, please.

> That belongs on
> another list -- and in fact, creation of just such a list is in process and
> will be announced by Richard or myself shortly.

Thank you!

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