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Re: merging the xwidget_mvp branch

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: merging the xwidget_mvp branch
Date: Wed, 04 Nov 2015 08:52:25 -0500
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>> The patch is large I suppose. It mostly affects the redisplay system.
> It's unfortunate that that is currently one of our most complex subsystems,
> where we've had the greatest difficulty finding other contributors.

That's an argument in favor of accepting this patch ;-)

>> I have maintained it in its own branch for a couple of years.  I can
>> continue doing that in master, or in its own branch indefinitely.
> I'm personally inclined to not want this feature, unless there is
> a great deal of desire for it from others; so I'll wait for them
> chime in.

I think it could open up very interesting new developments.

The embedded web-browser example is also a sexy proof-of-concept which
is likely to attract new blood (maybe not new users directly, but rather
new developers).

> I hate to say no given how much effort you've put into it, but there
> needs to be enough value to offset the additional technical debt we'd
> be accruing.

We've already been through several rounds of reviewing, so I'm sure he'd
be very disappointed if it doesn't get the code merged after all
those efforts.

And IIRC the technical debt seemed quite OK: the interaction between
xwidget's own code (the part that deals with the xwidget API) and
Emacs's own code is very similar to the interaction between Emacs and
the various image libraries.


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