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Re: Font related crash?

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: Font related crash?
Date: Thu, 05 Nov 2015 19:16:57 +0100

> Martin, this probably means the code in font_open_entity, which AFAICS
> is the only place where we set FRAME_SMALLEST_CHAR_WIDTH, was not yet
> called for this frame, or maybe it was called, but the logic there
> that assigns a value to the above is flawed.

If I'm not too silly the following cannot assign zero to min_width:

  min_width = (font->min_width ? font->min_width
               : font->average_width ? font->average_width
               : font->space_width ? font->space_width
               : 1);

I suppose that font_open_entity returns too early.  Does it pay to
pursue that?

> Such a small pixel width probably means the former, in which case I
> think we need some simple protection in required_matrix_width against
> FRAME_SMALLEST_CHAR_WIDTH being zero (and a similar protection in
> required_matrix_height, to be called next).

We should do that in any case.

> Or maybe when we create a frame we should simply initialize
> FRAME_SMALLEST_CHAR_WIDTH to 1 (and similarly with

Or have these macros never provide zero.  My only concern is that this
might hide some underlying problem.  Any ideas about the OP's:

> Also, sometimes when I switch to another virtual
> desktop then come back to emacs, the entire frame shows only the background
> color, no letter is visible.


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