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Re: New Emacs maintainer

From: John Wiegley
Subject: Re: New Emacs maintainer
Date: Thu, 05 Nov 2015 21:31:33 -0500
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>>>>> Emanuel Berg <address@hidden> writes:

> OK, so you are the maintainer of all of Emacs? How does that work? :O

The most appropriate title, I believe, would be "managing maintainer", or
"head maintainer".

There are several people whose level of commitment to the project places them
in the role of "maintainer" in my eyes, such as Eli, Artur, Juanma, Stefan,
Chong, etc. They truly help to maintain Emacs, by working on bugs,
contributing code, answering questions, writing tests, etc.

My decisions more often concern people matters, technical direction, legal
issues, coordinating with the FSF, scheduling releases, etc.

>     Maintainer: address@hidden
> Does that mean you?

It means the whole Emacs development community who has subscribed to that
mailing list. Anyone desiring to take an active role in Emacs development
should be subscribed to this list, although it is not required.

> On my Debian, the maintainer of emacs24 is Rob Brownin, however I take it
> that refers to the Debian package, not the Emacs source.


> Anyway, according to cloc [1] I have written 95 files of Elisp totalling
> 3721 lines of code. That doesn't strike me as neither a lot nor something
> insignificant... But I feel pretty confident because it works.

Every line of Elisp that serves you well is precious. :)

> I mention this because if you have something that has been abandoned or left
> half-baked I'm happy to lend a hand. I can be an asset in part because what
> I like in technology, few others like (which is sad for me and... them). So
> if everyone wants to do LaTeX it is good if at least a few want to do groff.
> (Actually I like LaTeX and Biblatex as well.) You know what I'm saying? Do
> you have a TODO list or anything?

I'd love for someone to take care of our under-appreciated components. The
TODO list right now is largely the bugtracker. Would you be willing to comb
through some of the older reports, and find those bugs that no longer
reproduce, or help resolve those that have patches needing review? Such a role
would be extremely helpful.


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